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Our investment thesis is relatively simple. The future is pulling us toward it and its nature can be reverse-engineered. This provides significant investment opportunity.

The future that we see at the end of the road is a literal dimensional shift in human consciousness and day-to-day affairs. From a practical perspective, this looks like:

  • a technological wonderland
  • an ecological paradise
  • a spiritually-oriented civilization
  • a total reorganization of economic, energy, and transportation systems on the planet
  • a redefinition of what it means to be human and what the purpose of life is
  • the eventual realization of free energy and the utter unrecognizability of the world from that point forward

Our mission is to play a large role in the direction and realization of this transformation and to put our capital towards promising opportunities that lead to the future described above.

In particular, we are interested in decentralization, the application of technology to spirituality, VR approaches to spirituality and creativity, technological approaches to small-scale farming, innovative approaches to renewable energy, and perhaps most of all, new+networked+decentralized approaches to water storage and distribution.

We believe in the principal of being the very earliest adopters and are thus interested in opportunities where our capital would be among the first raised.

We are interested in all opportunities that are 1) at a very early stage and 2) have the power to legitimately transfer the course of human events in a way that leads to what could only be called a techno-eco-social utopia from the perspective of the present.

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If you are interested in very real world-changing in a pro-social way, please be in touch. We look forward to shifting dimensions with you.